I must say that I have been very pleased with The Seat's performance. The Seat is very comfortable, and there is no discomfort and/or pressure in the crotch area after long rides. It was also very easy to get use to. The Seat was everything as advertised! I would recommend the use of The Seat by all who ride a bike.
Dale McClure Sergeant, Uwchlan Township Police, Exton, Pa.
You gave me a seat to train on......I want 2 more one for Time trial one for road bike! Will you send me 2 more gel seats? You can use may name.
The most Comfortable seat I have ever ridden. Also You wanted me to e-mail my info. Here it is:

I have been on Jay Leno, the Today Show, Good MorningAmerica, and CNN (six times), over 500 ìFront Pageî newspapers, Magazines and over 1,000 local TV news affiliates in the past 3 years. I receive more press on a daily basis that any otherUScyclist-see media Log and Links. Please feel free to contact my Sponsor References.
David Anthony
We use the gel seats exclusively on
our bikes and actively promote them to our tandem friends.
Since we got "The Seat", we have not had any discomfort on our rides.

We will continue to recommend "The Seat"

Gabe and Diana Mirkin
My Seat arrived Friday afternoon. Wonderful delivery time to Chattanooga, TN, as I ordered it Wed AM.

6 minutes later I had it installed. It is surpurb! I had gone on a ride this AM on my old seat, so my butt, and other portions of my anatomy were sore. As soon as I sat on The Seat, I was most impressed, NO DISCOMFORT. I will sing your product's praises and service to all who will lend me an ear.
At this time I can say, in the words of an old ballad "My butts all wreathed in smiles"

Many thanks for a wonderful product and super service,
Bill Tracy
I Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your great product. Since purchasing "The Seat" I have been able to enjoy my bicycle. I am riding about sixty km per week with no discomfort! I had previously purchased many seats for my bike with none being comfortable enough for me to ride. I believe that exercise must be fun or you will not sustain the program. Having a comfortable seat is paramount to having fun.

I read about your product on Dr. Gabe Mirkin's Web Site.

Thanks again
Best regards,

John C. Gilmour
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