“The SEAT©”

If your bike has a clamp on top of the post that clamps onto two parallel rails on the saddle, it will fit. If not, take your current saddle and post to a bike dealer and have them fit you with a conventional post that fits your bike. Then have them mount your seat for you. Then follow the instructions below.

Adjust it one inch (1") lower to keep the hip to pedal relationship the same as before. This is because you are now sitting on your sit-bones and not up in your crotch. This is about a physical one inch difference.

Please make sure you tilt the seat bac
k a bit more than usually if you feel like your slipping forward.

Also "The SEAT©" is a new sensation. Since you were a child all saddles had noses. Your first feeling will be that you are slipping off. This feeling will go away the more you ride. If you have drop-down handle bar you will load up your arms more.Ride it for at least 30 to 40 miles and play with the adjustments and you will love it.Ride in Healthy Comfort©