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My wife and I became distributors of the Bicycle Seat after visiting a friends house who had recently purchased
the CLASSIC Bicycle Seat and Sheepskin Cover. We both ride bikes allot and decided to try his new bicycle seat out.
After 15 min or so I felt very comfortable riding with this new bike seat. Having had a bit of butt pain from my
old seat and stopping frequently because of my crotch being a bit sore, I felt a sense of freedom
with the new bicycle seat. My wife Sally loved the seat as well.
We both became Bicycle Seat distributors and will always ride in healthy comfort.
Bill and Sally

Below are just a few articles and testimonials:

Cycling can make you miserable because you sit on Bicycle seats shaped like a banana, which presses on
every nerve in your crotch and rubs your tender parts raw. We tried every new seat that came on the
market, and two years ago we solved the problem with the Bicycle seat. It lets you support
your weight on the bones in your buttocks, rather than on your crotch. The seat is short and wide
instead of long and narrow.

The greatest source of discomfort for cyclists is the nose of their Bicycle Seat pressing on nerves and
soft tissues. For men, this pain brings the additional worry of impotence. Impotence is caused by
nerve and artery damage. Exercising regularly helps to keep arteries healthy, so bicycling helps
prevent impotence, as long as it does not damage the local arteries and nerves.
Recent studies show that three percent of regular male bicycle riders become impotent, and
virtually all of them felt pain or numbness before the problem occurred. When a nerve is pinched or
the blood supply is shut off to the penis, a man feels numb. Men who ride with conventional
bicycle seats and do not feel numb are not likely to be at risk.
Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

Hi Sally,
Just a quick note to say thanks to all involved, I received my seats very promptly, while I haven't yet had much opportunity to ride far, I found mine very comfortable, from the start.
Thanks again

I must say that I have been very pleased with The Seat's performance. The Seat is very comfortable, and there is no discomfort and/or pressure in the crotch area after long rides. It was also very easy to get use to. The Seat was everything as advertised! I would recommend the use of The Seat by all who ride a bike.
Dale McClure Sergeant, Uwchlan Township Police, Exton, Pa.

We use the gel seats exclusively on our bikes and actively promote them to our tandem friends.
Since we got "The Bicycle Seat", we have not had any discomfort on our rides.
We will continue to recommend "The Seat"
Gabe and Diana Mirkin

I Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your great product. Since purchasing "The Seat" I have been able to enjoy my bicycle. I am riding about sixty km per week with no discomfort! I had previously purchased many seats for my bike with none being comfortable enough for me to ride. I believe that exercise must be fun or you will not sustain the program. Having a comfortable seat is paramount to having fun.
Thanks again
Best regards,
John C. Gilmour

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